Yet another day in the life-model life

Where have the weeks gone? I have been a busy bunny life modelling most days. This is a great start to a new year. I know it was 3 months ago …

Life modelling has allowed me to different people today I was Mona Lisa for an hour! It was in a life class most of the students drew a seated life modelling pose yet the student that wanted me to be Mona Lisa did a fantastic portrait even the laughter lines were added.

I love life modelling with students it is the going for it attitude and getting great results. Watching the talent flourish is something I will never tire of. Life modelling is certainly one of the best jobs I have ever done. I get to meet great artists, see great pictures and get to meditate not a bad way to make a living!

One of my male life modelling friends rang out of the blue the other day; I am pleased he did as I had lost his number when my phone threw a hissy fit and lost all my contacts. It really was not a clever thing for it to do. It was great chatting about life modelling and classes we could share contact details with. He is a man in the know about life classes in Suffolk.

It looks like spring is here at last. As I drove to the life class this morning (it was silly o’clock) I got to see the marshes covered in a thick white gleaming frost above the frozen marsh there was a suspended mist. It is a scene that’s very evocative. Taking a photo to share would have been lovely sadly my camera skills are not up to the challenge.

As I seem to be taking more photos mainly from life drawing classes and the countryside it is time I started looking for a more technical camera. When I say technical in reality it will be very user friendly!

In the next few weeks I have a few sessions doing a portrait class. It has been ages since I did a portrait. With portrait it is a great opportunity to be someone who I am not. The thoughts that are going through my head are a flower power hippie. That will be colourful and fun.

The garden has now started to be dug and de weeded all ready to plant it in autumn. It sounds a long way away however there is a lot to do in the garden before it’s planted. The list goes something like this; new fence all around; get a new shed; remove all tree stump; remove huge silver birch; remove as much bind weed and celandine as possible …. Then I can start planting! This is where the contemplative part of life modelling comes in. In my mind whilst life modelling the garden can take shape, then I have to remember what idea I like as I go through many ideas!  

Life modelling also allows me to plan a holiday to Florence late in the year I wish I had visited it when I went to Rome. I had a tantalising glimpse of the roof tops. Also David is on my list of sculptures to see. In a way life modelling costs me lots of imaginary money!

It is time to go, till next time, be safe

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