Temperamental phone!

Where did Christmas go? It has been a fun one this year. I had a meal out with friends on Christmas day. It really was lovely being with friends and the big plus not having to wash up or clear up. I think that is something I will be doing next year as it really is so leisurely. On a normal day I cook a normal festive spread  then for me I do something either vegetarian or pescetarian  (I eat a veggi diet or fish I have no idea what fish have done to me to make me eat them!) so eating out makes life so much easier. I stopped eating meat 8 years ago it was just a life style choice one an ethical or health decision.

Oh my phone is messing about I noticed a huge scratch on it and now its sulking. Good ol’ Google has just told me how to get the phone back to factory settings. I was going to put the sim card into my old phone sadly it’s too small for it. Seems the smart phones have dinky sims. How frustrating is this I have better things to do on a Sunday evening than fight with a sulking phone! Sadly the re set never worked I need to go back to Google to see what I can do now.

It certainly has got cooler the last few days. The marshes are all flooded again as not only is it cold but the heavens keep opening. It does look very pretty it’s amazing how quickly the wildlife colonises the new wetlands. Nature and big skies really fascinate me. I now have birds coming back into the garden after it was obliterated when I moved in. I have a couple of bird feeders up and a nursery bed for the plants from the old house this is making great places for birds to hide. It really is lovely hearing birds chirping and flitting over the garden.

I am getting bookings for the new term which is fantastic I love to watch the diary filling up. I have been to new contacts and they are impressed with my life modelling stillness as I pose like a statue. I always get asked after I have posed in a life modelling session how do I keep so still, I always say I meditate or hypnotise myself. There have been times the tutor has spoken to me and I don’t answer as I am dreaming of being at the beach or just in a quiet place. That’s what I love about the job the peace that comes with it.

Time to go back on Google and try to sort this pesky phone out; it really is challenging me today!

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