A real day in the life of a life model!

What a fantastic day! A day of life modelling at two different classes both were great groups to model for. The first class had a sporty theme to it. I took my beach ball (that has decided to deflate for some reason) and bat. I took a towel to use as a drape. This was my interpretation of going to the shower after a work- out. I use the term loosely as I have not stepped into a gym in years! The second half of the class was sitting poses.

Once the class was finished I had the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine out of the wind that still has a bite to it. I must admit I am a fair weather girl.

In the evening my second life modelling class here I did 2 half hour poses both with a twist to add something to the pose and picture. There are a couple of favourite poses I do. Tonight I tried a new one and it was really comfortable. The padding was brilliant!   If I sit on my hip I find the floor finds its way through the padding the new cushions were just right. Ah, a nice half hour tea break it is a great time to look at the pictures and chat to the artists. The second pose was a laying on my front with my legs crossed behind me. It was for half hour however the artists enjoyed drawing the pose so we did it for the hour. There were some great pictures from the pose.

The life modelling time has been a great time to cogitate the next move and putting things in list of priority. I love the profession for that as it really is self- indulgent time.

Today I heard some things like “It’s not a good picture of you as you gave difficult poses!”  “You are amazing” and “you are a delight to draw” I am really flattered by the last two comments.

It’s the end of a fun day its 11.20 time to get some sleep. It’s a morning of house hunting oh the wonders of Zoopla and Rightmove! then who knows it all depends on the weather

naturist photo shoot on the beach

Hello again!

What a busy few days it has been. Saturday I was on a boat trip starting in Wroxham. The day started auspiciously rain and more rain one of those days you think “It’s been good all week could you not be sunny for a special day!” There were about 30 of us on the boat, as we boarded the clouds melted away the sun made a very welcome appearance. As we started the tour our guide pointed out key points of interest he had a great voice that was calm and very clear. Our trip took in both Salhouse Broad and Wroxham Broad. The Broads are man- made from Peat digging many moons ago. The pinnacle of the trip was a stop at Hoveton nature reserve. It really is a special place the wild flowers were out, tadpoles swimming in little ponds, giant sedges (a grass)  sitting regally on the marshy land, butterflies flitting around in the warm sunshine and the terns skitting over the broad the male feeding the female who was on her nest. The reserve has a boardwalk you follow no muddy boots, hooray! It certainly was a tranquil way to spend a Saturday morning.  The trip was rounded off with lunch at the local hotel where 4 of us sat in a big window seat over-looking the river at Wroxham. The boats floated by people came and went it was a perfect way to finish the day.  I love people watching and was fascinated by a group of lads outside on the terrace one by one they guys vanished to re appear in a fancy dress.  Their boat was moored up where we could see a cardboard cut- out of a man jammed in the window.  Curiosity got the better of me I went out to find out what they were doing! It was a Stag party they were having a fun time oh! The cardboard cut- out was Dave who could not make it in person!

The evening was seeing a Queen Tribute act in a local town. I thought the evening was an outside event and went dressed for the out- doors. We got there to see a marquee for the event! How under dressed did I feel.  If it were a naturist event  that would not have been an issue.  Hey Ho! The group was ok it got better in the second half. What a great evening dancing and singing the night away.

I piled into bed exhausted. Certainly an amazing day ranging from the wonders of nature and tranquillity to a rocking evening!

It was an early start on Sunday I went to St Albans to celebrate my sisters big birthday. I picked dad up then went to my sisters surprise party. Ah bless! Poor thing was in shock most of the evening.

Monday I was going to go to my beach for some me time and relax on the beach. Nude time would have been so welcome as a gentle colour would be nice to have for life modelling for the summer. I am very careful using factor 50 as I burn easy. I remember doing a photo shoot on the beach for a naturist magazine. The shoot finished then it was enjoying the beach and sun. Yipee! It was a hot sunny day we chatted and watched the seals.  We left the beach mid-afternoon as we walked back to our respective cars  my skin felt hot and tight. That evening my body was on fire I had burnt myself to a crisp and boy did I know it! After-sun did not work. Over the coming days the skin turned various shades of red then peeling. I will not go into more detail it was not a pretty sight! The summer school I worked at that year life modelling certainly had more colour than they expected.  All the pictures were heavily red!  That was a lesson learnt hence factor 50!

Tip for the sunburn I was told Manuka honey is good for burns. It is it takes the sting out of the wound. I have a lasting memory of sitting on my lappie, nude   covered in Manuka honey trying not to get everything sticky.

Well, I never made my beach as its time for me to move house I have out grown where I live. The estate agent came early afternoon. He was great friendly and knew the patter. I sussed him out as when we finished doing the tour his language changed to a selling great NLP. He was rumbled as I noted the change having been trained in NLP! I decided to put the house on the market there and then. I have no idea where I want to go all I want is a private garden where I can relax in the sun. It’s very exciting….

Tuesday was work the afternoon sorting the house out for sale. The bathroom cleaned hovering and dusting done, everything all tidy relax!  Then I get a phone call there’s a house viewing! How fantastic is that!

As you can imagine my head is doing a bit pre occupied as so much has happened this last few days all very life changing in a fantastic fun way.

I must go I have been up since 5 (a lovely sunny day here in Norfolk) I need breakfast and a shower as today is life modelling. Two great classes so I know it will be a fantastic day. Next time I will let you know how the life modelling classes went.

A hot chocolate with budding life model

What has happened to the sunny warm weather? It certainly is not ideal conditions for  sunbathing nude on the beach. The weather pattern is something like this, ah! lovely warm sun, oh no! its windy and you get pebble dashed with the sand, then to top it off the heavens open! To return back to warm sunshine! Don’t you just love the British weather?

I got soaked on the way back from a meeting yesterday. I met a budding life model who is new to the area and want to join the profession.  My advert had been spotted on Gumtree. We met in Caleys (a café with chocolate featuring heavily in the concept. Caleys is an old established chocolate manufacturer here in Norwich. Here is a link to the history of the industry;

I remember the chocolate smell wafting through the city. It was a sweet sickly somehow comforting smell).  in the old Gaol House a beautiful black and white building just off the market.  Two wonderful hot chocolates  were bought to our table. Here we chatted about the life model profession and what it meant to both of us. We are both naturists so doing a life modelling feels natural to us. I was asked about poses, how to stay focused, props and if the poses already used were good.

I am rather flattered to be asked to guide and chat about life modelling and portrait modelling. One other model who contacted me for advice has started to call me the “life modelling wise sage”!  I know the fledgling model went away happy with a spring in the step and a head buzzing with ideas.

Being asked for guidance takes me back to the first life classes I modelled in. One mistake I made was doing a sitting pose legs crossed, my elbow resting on my thigh and on top my head was resting in my cupped hand. (I am sure there is a pose like it on www.paintedmodelling.co.uk) as the elbow started to dig into the thigh  I started to noticed the legs dying through lack of blood flow. The pose seemed to last forever. That was a learning curve; do not rest an elbow on the thigh!

Today with years of experience instinctively I know what to do to make a life pose interesting and what to do with arms and legs! If I start feeling pain I do self-hypnosis to block the twinges out ( I am a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner).

Today I met a friend at the prison for morning coffee we just made it in the door when the heavens opened up.  Seeing the umbrellas thought turned to; parasols, blue skies, the warmth of the sun, that wonderful sun bleached sand and crystal clear blue sea with diamonds dancing on the surface. It is good to dream.

I have just read this paragraph I was at the public café at the prison not visiting anyone in there!

This evening for some mad reason I decided to try a new recipe. I really fancied something with lemon in it. I found a new recipe that sounded lovely. Mixing the ingredients and sampling the mixture every step of the way. It was something I learnt in childhood sometimes the raw mix is nicer than the cooked produce.The mixture was poured into a prepared dish and put in the oven. It was half cooked when a light bulb came on I had forgotten to put the milk in the mix! It tasted nice however I feel the milk was a crucial ingredient as the  cake lacked any depth to it. Was like eating lemon fluff.

I will stick to life modelling its more forgiving than cooking!

Time for a well-earned glass of something to start the week end feeling!




Sunny Flatford

Bank holiday Monday Itook the train from Norwich to Manningtree . The train was late leaving as one of the crew had not turned up. Was it the driver, someone from the buffet? It was not the conductor as he was keeping us up to date with the late arrival. We eventually started our adventure.  An hour passed when at last the mud flats were in sight, Manningtree was only a heart beat away.  As I strode out of the station I had no idea where I was going. Not being great at map reading the one at the station was lost on me. I strolled in the general direction along lanes, tight paths flanked with bustling hedges that were heavily scented with hawthorn perfume  then along the meandering river. The first glimpse of Flatford was a tantalising peek of Will Lott’s cottage nestling in the trees.  There was a wall along the river bank where I decided to take a break take I the cottage and watch the mother duck swimming with her 10 chicks. Looking in the opposite direction the bank was covered in tall, lacy cow parsley  dancing  gently in the breeze. For a fleeting moment thoughts of doing a life drawing session amongst the cow  parsley appealed. The contrast of the delicate flowers against a solid human form.  I gathered my thoughts back to the now and continued my walk .  Flatford was bustling with tourists hiring rowing boats (some budding oarsmen were more skilled than others!) , people watching the river, the field was full of families having picnics, there was an air of tranquillity amongst the gentle bustling.  I made my way to Will Lott’s cottage there I sat on a set of stairs again what an idyllic setting to get the paints out and do some portrait or costume drawing.  The backdrop is amazing, the reflecting gently flowing water, the trees and the imposing cottage. A traditional celebration took place in a garden with an old house the ladies were in traditional costume of Constable’s time . The Morris men were dancing, crafts were being demonstrated these ranged from; making a May headdress, bee keeping, felt making, stone carving and much more.   Oh! I sat watching the Morris men enjoying the dancing and sun when they stopped and asked if anyone wanted to do a simple folk dance with them.  Next thing I know I was being asked to dance. It was a simple reel dance it was soon mastered. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I need to look up folk dancing classes.  My picnic was enjoyed in the wild life garden. People watching and watching the children getting excited when they found a bug that was on their question sheet. Late afternoon it was time to get the train home.  The cow parsley on the way back was stunning for some reason, it was gently swaying in big swathes along the path. I stopped at a field that had sheep and cute lambs in it. One lamb was so cute he just stood watching me watching him! Now the frustrating part of the day  has to be; as I arrived at the station the train was just pulling out! It was a chilly hours wait before the next one home.

Why was the city so busy at 12.30 on a Tuesday afternoon all the car parks were busy that meant the Castle Mall car park was my only option to park in. Time was slipping through my fingers I needed to be at the class for 13.00 as a model time keeping is so important everything revolves around you. Nothing starts till you are there! Oh no! there was a slow queue to the Mall the reason being 2 floors of car park are shut due to refurbishment.  I made the class on time giving me time to talk to some of the artists. It was an unusual class as there were 3 models all doing portrait.  It certainly produced exciting pictures . A few that were done of me had me looking reflective and serine.  When I was doing this class it got me thinking about my first portrait class I posed for.  I was sat facing a huge mirror so I had a great view of the artists building up their portraits. To this day I find it fascinating there are lots of talented artists out there. The class finished time to find my car, now what floor did I leave it on? I walked up and down the stairs trying to find Cherry (my car). We were eventually re united and I could go home and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine.


All change!

Today was going to be the start of getting fit for summer.  The thinking today was; having lunch with friends (at the café in the prison so there are lots of hills to cycle up. I know who said Norfolk is flat)? In my head I reasoned; nice lunch then a cycle that is a great balance. Mm thoughts are one thing actually doing was another. I removed my bike from the garage, it was the first time it had moved for 2 years. I blew the tyres up and great news they stayed hard. I washed the accumulated dust and cobwebs off my  bike and slowly discovered a long lost friend! By now I was getting excited about riding my bike, it was a nice sunny day and no time pressures. I turned the bike upside down to oil the chain and all the joints that make it run smoothly. Oh no! on closer inspection of the tyres I noted the tyre had perished and the inner tube was bulging out of the weak parts. It was with heavy heart I wheeled the bike back to its home. My job next week is to get the bike serviced ready for the summer. How did I get to the café I hear you all asking… blushing here … I took Cherry (my car!).   The meal was  lovely great food and great company lots of chat and laughs. Perfect. Tomorrow there will be lots of walking as I am taking my sketch pad and paints on a train journey to Flatford Mill. It will be lovely to see where John Constable created his famous works. I had a quick peek at Flatford a few weeks ago when I was working at a portrait class in Dedham. I did a quick walk , more like a run, across the un touched fields in my lunch hour. That first glimpse of the Willy Lott’s home I knew I would return very soon.