Nudist Model does Portrait poses

It has been a great week for life and portrait modelling. I have done more portrait modelling than life modelling which is very unusual. One of the portrait classes was a pose for 10 minutes, in different hats and scarfs. It is amazing what the results were they all captured me! One lady was using homemade ink one was acorn gall the other was I have got a memory block! The ink gave a very different look to a picture it was like paint and ink mixed together. Instead of using a nib for drawing the artist used a sharpened bamboo cane. It made me want to have a try the new way to draw.

Since I have said in general I want / am looking for a drawing class to go to that is in my local town I get included in more of the group viewings and talks that the tutors give within a lesson.  I have a couple of leads on classes.

The other portrait class I was the mother of the bride. I found a flouncy hat in a charity shop that was perfect. I wore my blue lace dress, a string of pearls, mauve high heels (they are so high I was getting nose bleeds!)  It certainly made the impact I was looking for there were some great pictures that came out of the session. When I can download them I will add them to the blog.

I had a life modelling class in the evening with a well-established group in Norwich. I took props and never used them. One of the artists complained at the end as he was looking forward to me wearing my boater styled hat. Next time it will be used.

Life modelling at the local adult education was great I was asked to take my hoop and ball. As it happened Friday was a lovely sunny warm day so I took the beach to the life modelling session. Bucket and spade; hat; parasol; ball and hoop. I sat in the car park blowing my   beach ball up I must admit I had some really strange looks. Whilst I was life modelling I thought I have a picnic basket and child’s windmill at home that would have fitted into the beach scene.  Life modelling set into a setting; beach; wedding and any other scenario is great fun as it gets the best out of everyone. Again there are some great pictures once they are down loaded I will post them on here.

Next week I am working every day doing life modelling. One of the sessions is in deepest Suffolk I need to check to see where I am going!

I think this week end will be gardening if the weather is kind to me or carrying on with the clear out I am having. It is letting go of the past and moving forward. I took lots of things to the charity shop today lots of it was “what is the purpose of keeping this when I have not used it for years!” Believe me I have lots more to sort through. I pruned lots when I moved home yet there is still lots that should be freed to go to another home.

In the strong winds my fence blew down. It is difficult sorting things out when I am out life modelling at strange times of the day. I now have the panels all I need now is a few strong men to help with its erection.

Time to go, be safe



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