No not again!

How did a beautiful warm sunny week end turn into a soggy wet chilly Monday? Is this how the Monday morning blues get its name?

I spent the day with a friend we braved the rain and had lunch out. Oh how we put the world to rights. It was good to get out of the house if I were on my own I would have been re organising the wardrobe. What is it about grotty weather that brings out the nesting instinct?

As I am re starting life modelling this November I have started to apply for jobs in the life and portrait sector. One has just replied not the answer I was looking for. Half the session was spent drawing him the other he me. Now, I do dabble in flower portraits and landscapes; I have never drawn from a life model before is this the time to learn? Most of my pictures in the last few months have been children’s pictures that would look out of place in anybody’s album.

My next job is to contact all my contacts to tell them of my return to life modelling and portrait modelling.

I have the urge to start looking at summer holiday brochures. Thoughts of warm sun, golden beaches and long languishing meals in the setting sun really appeal. Greece keeps popping into my head. I love the Greek way of life and the people. My dream last night was one of moving to France as with all dreams it was all very confusing; it certainly lost the plot along the way!

A new image needs creating for life classes there are a few classes here that love accessories to add another dimension to the human form. To me it’s like acting and being someone else pure escapism.

My tummy is rumbling the kitchen is calling me!

Happy days

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