My life modelling artistic side?

I keep looking at my paints and drawing implements and think I should get them out and re- ignite my artistic side. Life modelling has a big pull in this. As I life model the tips I can pick up any picture should be a master piece!

It has been a busy week life modelling I worked in 2 sixth form colleges. I love life modelling for this age band as their ideas are fresh and instinctive. Brings into question when do we stop doing things without a second thought?

Working with an adult evening life modelling group we started with 10 x 1 minute poses. Oh the groans! I love doing quick poses. It is even more fun when I count whilst striking the pose. When the life modelling pose comes to an abrupt end there is usually a “what finished already?” I am sure this has helped my counting skills!

I went to see the Manet exhibition in the castle really an excellent display of pictures. I loved a Singer Sargent one with a demure lady sitting on the river bank with a babbling brook behind her. The sense of movement in the water was amazing. There was a fantastic Monet of a lady the colours were as bright as if it had been painted yesterday. I love Monet’s and Seurat work.

There is an interesting life modelling class I am doing next week. I am going to be set amongst 1900 shoes and dresses. This was fun the shoes were amazing. I wore costume so it was not a life class. The children’s shoes were incredibly heavy the leather was so hard there was no give in them. I really feel for the little people who used to wear them.  At this class there was a white plinth jokingly I said I could stand on that and do poses. This developed into me taking all my props and the artists select what they want to adorn me with. That should be a real fun class. I am doing life class at the venue next week in the theatre of the building seems like I have arrive!

Over the next few weeks I have lots of portrait classes coming up. This is a very different discipline to life modelling. In a life modelling pose the eyes can wander in portrait it is important to keep the eyes fixed on a focal point. Also the pose that is stuck at the beginning of the session is the same for the duration. It is so important to get a comfortable pose. I know I am not far from Flatford Mill it would be a shame not to have a look at Constables pencil sketches. Maybe take my sketch pad to do a picture.

It was lovely at the portrait class as I was given a wonderful portrait I look at ease and deep in thought. Most of the portraits make me look sad as my resting face is not a happy one sadly.

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