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If tomorrow is bright and sunny it would be great to life model outside. Sadly where I am working is bang in the middle of a sweet market town. I really do not think the residents will be too chuffed at the prospect of seeing a life drawing class in progress! However I am in a cool restored mill and am on the top floor so the views are really stunning. My salad will be kept nice and chilled. At this time I have no idea what kind of salad I fancy; I have a soft spot for shelling fresh peas and adding them to everything. I love the pop and I love the peas!

I know tomorrow’s life modelling session is going to be mainly a long pose that will incorporate using the new parasol. It is unusual I saw it a local vintage fair it sat on the piano. As you know I am always looking for props to do life modelling with. The parasol is round and square at the same time. It certainly is something I have not seen before. I love quirky things.

Once the life modelling class tomorrow is finished I will go to the beach if it is sunny and warm. I would love to see the now waning harvest moon rising over the sea. Ok I live in the east however it has been amazing the last week even though it does not rise in the east!

Next week I am working doing life modelling for a summer school. I love working at summer schools as they are very relaxed, friendly and great fun. I need to talk to the tutor to see if any props are required.

I have been invited to a preview of the art show that is from a group I life model with. I had to decline as I am working out of the city when the preview is on. It will be lovely to go and see the art work. The exhibition is held in a church that has been de commissioned and used for the arts. The group are fairly shy about showing the evenings pictures so this is a great opportunity to see the different styles of work. 

Talking of old churches having a new lease of life; the puppet theatre in Norwich is based in a quaint church. It is a place I know well as I gained my City and Guilds level 2 puppet making course there.  I was the last group to do the course in Norwich. It certainly looks good on the CV!

My latest acquisition for life and portrait modelling is a retro apron; it probably dates to the 1960 era. My new thoughts for props are leading me in a few ways. From the apron I have worked out 2 scenarios to go with it. I now need to trawl the charity shops and vintage shops for the other props.

I did find a wonderful parasol in a vintage shop; I am very tempted as it really is a pretty parasol. It is old; yet the running of the mechanism (the bit that pushes the parasol up and holds it in place) is very smooth. If it is there when I go to the shop for the 3rd time I will buy it.  

After a long wait I now have a male model who I work with on the life modelling circuit. We have known each other for 7 years and we both have the same high standards. We are working on poses so the artist will get a great pose where ever they are. More about this on;

Brr! The clouds have rolled in and a chilly breeze has come out of nowhere. I am pleased it was bright and cloud free this morning as the local church tower was open. What a brilliant asset to the local town. The stairs got narrow and steep the higher the climb. The last floor before the top all the bells are housed. I think it is the first time I have seen bells in the tower that are rung regularly. That was awesome yet the view from the top was jaw dropping. The view went on for miles as the conditions were perfect. It really is something to see the area I know well from a birds eye view. Whilst in the town I dropped into the local art society annual exhibition. Sitting at the welcome desk was an artist who goes to a local life art class! The pictures in the exhibition were amazing as I knew the lady on the desk she asked me to nominate the picture I liked the most. How unfair was that? In the end it was a picture of a ballerina on tip toes that I chose. The tutu was amazing, light, and translucent and it was a nice simple picture. I bought some raffle tickets to win a picture jokingly saying I know where it will go!  

I need a drink; I gave the maid the day off!!!  In my dreams….  Till next time

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