Ho! Ho! Ho!

Another warm sunny Sunday this is amazing weather for the beginning of October. After yesterday’s wet and cold today it was like mid- summer. Oh how I wish the long balmy evenings were with us again. Having missed them in June as I was sleeping most of the time recovering from the accident I class this fantastic weather as a late summer just to keep me happy!
As the day was beautiful my friends suggested a trip out on their boat how could I refuse an invite like that? We had a lovely gentle sail through some lovely East Anglian scenery. We stopped at a riverside venue enjoying the sunshine having a leisurely picnic when a broad’s tour boat glided past with Father Christmas waving from the top deck! We are not convinced it was the real Father Christmas or just a man with long white hair, a big white bushy beard wearing something red. He was happy standing on the deck waving to the amusement of the bemused picnickers. Its things like that somehow melt the heart.
As it’s a no cook day (I never cook when I have had a day out it somehow finishes a nice day out off) my friends decided to get an indian take away. Amazing who you meet in these places I got chatting to a man who does Victorian ghost walks around the local town. He was fascinating to talk to it was a shame when our take away came as it cut our chat to an abrupt halt.
I am hoping to be life modelling again in December by then all my injuries and aches should be under control. The one thing I really look forward to is drive again. The freedom is so tangible all doors will start to open again. Not being one who likes to rely on other people to take me here there and everywhere I am really tickled with the help I have had over the last 4 months.
It’s time for me to close now I am so pleased to be typing blogs again.
Till next time

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