Burnt Food….Again!

And, another glorious week end draws to a close. It’s been a lovely gentle few days my family came for lunch yesterday. It was great seeing them. I made a lemon meringue pie something I have a great reputation for making. I have a friend who will go anywhere for a slice of my pie. Sadly on this occasion I had a hic-cough with the meringue. Now what shall I blame; New oven; too hot an oven or just one of those things? After a short time in the oven I could smell was burning sugar and some cloudy smoke coming out of the oven. When I looked at the pie the top of the meringue was black. There was no way I was going to serve that! I took it out of the oven, let it cool scraped the blackened goo off the top of the lemon filling. Whisked up a new batch of meringue popped it in the oven. I left it in overnight so the meringue would be crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Thankfully the second topping turned out a treat.

My son and son in law always laugh about my culinary skill. They are always surprised when things turn out good! I am a little like the lady from Vicar of Dibly who creates dishes and adds something that really does not go with the rest of the dish. Its called experimenting!

I won’t say how much mess I made serving the first piece. It went everywhere. Not being a seasoned cook it’s amazing the results I get are good.

What would I do rather than cook? Play in the garden, decorate, read, phone a friend, read a book or just have me time listening to music.

I was going out to an acoustic night last night with a friend. As I drove to my friend’s house (the furthest I have done since the accident) I was a little jaded so was my friend they had had a busy day so we opted to watch a movie instead.

Today I drove around my new area there are lots of pretty villages around. The sun was shining a perfect day for sightseeing. This afternoon saw me in the garden tidying bits and pieces. As the garden has been un-loved for years bind weed and ground elder have a hold so I am using a trowel to dig the ground removing all traces of both. I am sure it will take all winter to dig it over!

As November approaches my contacts are beginning to hire me. I have sent e mails, voice mails and spoke to everybody I know who runs a life class. It’s really good people are hiring me again. It’s been a long 4 months healing. It will be really fantastic in November to be life modelling and portrait modelling again. I need to update my website www.paintedladymodelling.co.uk as I have not really done anything with it whilst I have been off. My portfolio needs updating I need to catch up with my photographer friends to see if we can do a shoot. There are ideas bouncing around my head if they are possible I really don’t know.

A busy week is ahead of me lots of chasing things up and tying loose ends up. I really hope this warm sunny weather continues …

Have a good week

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