Nudist Modelling, Belly buttons and Christmas

One of my traits is I am usually very passive and indifferent to conversations in a classes once it has started I go into working mode. Today I was working with a group of students. For some reason they were rather chatty. There was a conversation behind me all about not being able to draw belly buttons! Of all the parts of the body this is one part I would have thought would be easy to draw!

Before I started a 15 minute pose the tutor asked if everyone could see me. Someone piped up “no”! The reason the drawing board was blocking the view of the pose! I love the classic clangers you never know what a life modelling session will hold. I love working with students they are funny, very imaginative and nit afraid to make a mess. It makes me laugh when students and adults alike are rather bashful about their pictures. Life models are not offended by the way we are portrayed it is how the artist sees you at that moment in time. I always tell the bashful artist the body is just a landscape or a still life. I watch the realisation of” Ooo! She is right!” look that sweeps over their faces.

I have just bought a Christmas tree. it’s a real one about 18” high. I saw it as I was doing my weekly shop. I was like Mother Hubbard before I went shopping. The tree came complete with bubals and led lights, red pot and a red star! I have just tried the lights they work. I look at as an investment one day it will be a good 4’ … dream on Tina! I am doing a festive life modelling session with Santa hats, tinsel, bag of gifts (one gift the rest is newspaper!) fairy wings, bubbles and the star of the show the tree!  My friend does Christmas all glitzy I was rather rude about it I wonder what the comments will be about my new addition.


I am nearly out of business cards so they are now on order. When I send letters out asking if anyone wants life models I always add a couple of cards. It makes good business sense to send life modelling cards as the information is always there and it looks professional too. I also ordered a car magnet with my business name contact details and saying I am a life model. I am doing all I can to get “paintedladymodelling” back to being successful once again my accident really hurt the business I now I need to rebuild my brand.  I am Fortunate my regular contacts have welcomed which I am very thankful for.

Time to go! there is lots to do rooms to tidy, washing to sort …. This is the non- glamorous part of life modelling!

Take care



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