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Life modelling and dodgy men

For some reason I have lost my voice! When I do talk it sounds like I have 2 voices in one. So today has been a quiet day. Some folk might say hoorah!

I was out in the garden trying out my new inks. Oh it was a fun time experimenting with colours and trying the pen to see what effect I can get from it.  As I was having fun there a few blobs of ink dropped  onto the paper ; it had escaped from the nib. Being creative and in the zone the blobs turned into very random doodles with lots of flowing lines. I need a new nib for the pen as it kept falling out of its holder. Yes very frustrating and incredibly messy on the now ink stained fingers.  . No matter how hard I scrub the ink does not budge.

 It’s great watching the parachutes from my garden. The parachute school were not flying today as it was so windy. Yesterday there were lots of descents made. It always feels like a ringside seat watching the parachutes fall back to earth.

Last night I decided to sort through my clothes as my size is shrinking. When artists hear I am shedding weight they say that’s a shame as I am a nice shape to draw. What they don’t see is my body toning up (all by its self) and giving a much more pleasing shape. There is no way I will end up looking like Twiggy as that look really makes me look ill. I want to shift the weight so I feel nicer in myself when life modelling.

What is it when I get asked by text if I do photo shoots; I say yes however I need to meet before the shoot takes place. It is a very wise and safe precaution. Just lately I have had a few odd text conversations. The last one decided he wanted to use me in a photo shoot with a younger model. Something hit my radar and I knew this was not what it seemed. I was right when personal questions started being asked. My response was if you are genuinely looking for a life model body shape and friend so let’s forget about professional ethics and stay with personal chat!” Needless to say I never responded as it was his fantasy of chatting me up and we stroll off into the sunset. Not with me!

It seems to go with life modelling territory insecure men want to build a” relationship” even though you will never meet. Over 10 years of being a professional life model I can sort the non- genuine contacts out. The genuine ones are very professional and treat me as one.  I am a professional life model who by the very nature of the job wears no clothes so artists can draw me. I think it is the liberated part of the job they latch on to sadly that really is a very small part of life modelling. Does that sound harsh?  

Till next time, be safe

Nudist Model does Portrait poses

It has been a great week for life and portrait modelling. I have done more portrait modelling than life modelling which is very unusual. One of the portrait classes was a pose for 10 minutes, in different hats and scarfs. It is amazing what the results were they all captured me! One lady was using homemade ink one was acorn gall the other was I have got a memory block! The ink gave a very different look to a picture it was like paint and ink mixed together. Instead of using a nib for drawing the artist used a sharpened bamboo cane. It made me want to have a try the new way to draw.

Since I have said in general I want / am looking for a drawing class to go to that is in my local town I get included in more of the group viewings and talks that the tutors give within a lesson.  I have a couple of leads on classes.

The other portrait class I was the mother of the bride. I found a flouncy hat in a charity shop that was perfect. I wore my blue lace dress, a string of pearls, mauve high heels (they are so high I was getting nose bleeds!)  It certainly made the impact I was looking for there were some great pictures that came out of the session. When I can download them I will add them to the blog.

I had a life modelling class in the evening with a well-established group in Norwich. I took props and never used them. One of the artists complained at the end as he was looking forward to me wearing my boater styled hat. Next time it will be used.

Life modelling at the local adult education was great I was asked to take my hoop and ball. As it happened Friday was a lovely sunny warm day so I took the beach to the life modelling session. Bucket and spade; hat; parasol; ball and hoop. I sat in the car park blowing my   beach ball up I must admit I had some really strange looks. Whilst I was life modelling I thought I have a picnic basket and child’s windmill at home that would have fitted into the beach scene.  Life modelling set into a setting; beach; wedding and any other scenario is great fun as it gets the best out of everyone. Again there are some great pictures once they are down loaded I will post them on here.

Next week I am working every day doing life modelling. One of the sessions is in deepest Suffolk I need to check to see where I am going!

I think this week end will be gardening if the weather is kind to me or carrying on with the clear out I am having. It is letting go of the past and moving forward. I took lots of things to the charity shop today lots of it was “what is the purpose of keeping this when I have not used it for years!” Believe me I have lots more to sort through. I pruned lots when I moved home yet there is still lots that should be freed to go to another home.

In the strong winds my fence blew down. It is difficult sorting things out when I am out life modelling at strange times of the day. I now have the panels all I need now is a few strong men to help with its erection.

Time to go, be safe



My life modelling artistic side?

I keep looking at my paints and drawing implements and think I should get them out and re- ignite my artistic side. Life modelling has a big pull in this. As I life model the tips I can pick up any picture should be a master piece!

It has been a busy week life modelling I worked in 2 sixth form colleges. I love life modelling for this age band as their ideas are fresh and instinctive. Brings into question when do we stop doing things without a second thought?

Working with an adult evening life modelling group we started with 10 x 1 minute poses. Oh the groans! I love doing quick poses. It is even more fun when I count whilst striking the pose. When the life modelling pose comes to an abrupt end there is usually a “what finished already?” I am sure this has helped my counting skills!

I went to see the Manet exhibition in the castle really an excellent display of pictures. I loved a Singer Sargent one with a demure lady sitting on the river bank with a babbling brook behind her. The sense of movement in the water was amazing. There was a fantastic Monet of a lady the colours were as bright as if it had been painted yesterday. I love Monet’s and Seurat work.

There is an interesting life modelling class I am doing next week. I am going to be set amongst 1900 shoes and dresses. This was fun the shoes were amazing. I wore costume so it was not a life class. The children’s shoes were incredibly heavy the leather was so hard there was no give in them. I really feel for the little people who used to wear them.  At this class there was a white plinth jokingly I said I could stand on that and do poses. This developed into me taking all my props and the artists select what they want to adorn me with. That should be a real fun class. I am doing life class at the venue next week in the theatre of the building seems like I have arrive!

Over the next few weeks I have lots of portrait classes coming up. This is a very different discipline to life modelling. In a life modelling pose the eyes can wander in portrait it is important to keep the eyes fixed on a focal point. Also the pose that is stuck at the beginning of the session is the same for the duration. It is so important to get a comfortable pose. I know I am not far from Flatford Mill it would be a shame not to have a look at Constables pencil sketches. Maybe take my sketch pad to do a picture.

It was lovely at the portrait class as I was given a wonderful portrait I look at ease and deep in thought. Most of the portraits make me look sad as my resting face is not a happy one sadly.

Enjoy your day


Yet another day in the life-model life

Where have the weeks gone? I have been a busy bunny life modelling most days. This is a great start to a new year. I know it was 3 months ago …

Life modelling has allowed me to different people today I was Mona Lisa for an hour! It was in a life class most of the students drew a seated life modelling pose yet the student that wanted me to be Mona Lisa did a fantastic portrait even the laughter lines were added.

I love life modelling with students it is the going for it attitude and getting great results. Watching the talent flourish is something I will never tire of. Life modelling is certainly one of the best jobs I have ever done. I get to meet great artists, see great pictures and get to meditate not a bad way to make a living!

One of my male life modelling friends rang out of the blue the other day; I am pleased he did as I had lost his number when my phone threw a hissy fit and lost all my contacts. It really was not a clever thing for it to do. It was great chatting about life modelling and classes we could share contact details with. He is a man in the know about life classes in Suffolk.

It looks like spring is here at last. As I drove to the life class this morning (it was silly o’clock) I got to see the marshes covered in a thick white gleaming frost above the frozen marsh there was a suspended mist. It is a scene that’s very evocative. Taking a photo to share would have been lovely sadly my camera skills are not up to the challenge.

As I seem to be taking more photos mainly from life drawing classes and the countryside it is time I started looking for a more technical camera. When I say technical in reality it will be very user friendly!

In the next few weeks I have a few sessions doing a portrait class. It has been ages since I did a portrait. With portrait it is a great opportunity to be someone who I am not. The thoughts that are going through my head are a flower power hippie. That will be colourful and fun.

The garden has now started to be dug and de weeded all ready to plant it in autumn. It sounds a long way away however there is a lot to do in the garden before it’s planted. The list goes something like this; new fence all around; get a new shed; remove all tree stump; remove huge silver birch; remove as much bind weed and celandine as possible …. Then I can start planting! This is where the contemplative part of life modelling comes in. In my mind whilst life modelling the garden can take shape, then I have to remember what idea I like as I go through many ideas!  

Life modelling also allows me to plan a holiday to Florence late in the year I wish I had visited it when I went to Rome. I had a tantalising glimpse of the roof tops. Also David is on my list of sculptures to see. In a way life modelling costs me lots of imaginary money!

It is time to go, till next time, be safe

New mobile for a nudist model

What strange weather we are having today I was life modelling at a venue on the coast where they had thick frost and snow. Cars passed me that were like snow mobiles! Yet here a good 5 miles away all we had was frost and no snow. When we arrived at the venue some of the artists commented on how chilly the room was and put a few heaters on. I was hot yet the artists half way through the life class were still saying about the cold. The studio overlooks a busy roundabout as it is on the second floor  watching the traffic whilst nudist modelling is interesting.

It is great getting back into life modelling bookings are coming in, I am so pleased after the long break. I have bookings for next year already that one I have been asked to do Romanesque.  Over the next few months I have a few different themed sessions.  I love looking for the clothing and accessories for particular life drawing and portrait.

At this present time I am up dating    as it was getting stuck. All my picture galleries have been split into; gallery that holds life modelling pictures (I still have some I need to transfer to another gallery); student gallery that holds the pictures the students do. One group of students has an exhibition of life modelling  in a gallery. Sadly it was closed today when I went! It does feel odd looking through the window and seeing pictures of me; a portrait gallery this has a good mix of portrait pictures I have some on my computer that need adding. This will help me keep pictures up to date in the various galleries.  I also do different blogs paintedladymodelling .

I have just put some hand cream on it is times like this I wish I had taken more notice of what the lines mean. A few years ago I went to a palmistry course with Johnny Fincham a world renound  palm reader. Palmistry really is a fascinating subject; there are a few things I can remember from the classes. Learning from a book really is no substitute for learning from someone. Being a visual person this is the best way I learn the

Again my home has elves that move things about without my knowledge the things that have grown legs this week are reading glasses; prescription and my visa statement.  Today was a day I had a treat  I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Poundland!  They are not as good as the ones from the optician yet they will do until I find the glasses. I am blaming the accident for this run of dippyness.

Life modelling at 2 classes tomorrow one is in Norwich the other in North Suffolk. They are both nudist modelling which is great. The evening class we are re- creating Botticelli’s picture of the Birth of Venus. Instead of sharp shells we are using giant fans. Over the coming weeks I have been asked to do themed costume and life modelling al the projects sound like lots of fun.

Yipeeee! A new mobile for Model Tina…the old mobile died on me it just froze. Not being very techno everything was tried to get the silly thing to work sadly none of it worked. Last resort was to do a factory re set. Must say It was not the cleverest thing I have done this year! All my texts and contact numbers vanished into cyber space. I was lent a mobile and it is so frustrating to use it has a mind of its own. So on Wednesday I pick up a cadburys purple mobile that was ordered in for me.

The kitchen smells homely I have just baked a cake. It has been ages since a cake was cooked here. It’s a lemon and almond cake. The lemon is lovely and tangy.  In a social group I belong to I have a reputation for making epic lemon meringue pie. One friend devours a slice in no time and always comes back for seconds! 

I have started painting the bathroom as an all white home is not to my taste. All the gloss is done I now need a friend to pop over and do the ceiling and walls. The paint that is being used is hard to find. There is a small amount of the colour in the garage I need to buy more so we can get the job done quickly. It is amazing how it upsets the rest of the house decorating any room.

I am off to sort e mails out. Till next time

Be safe

Happy Nude 2015

Another year has started I hope it’s going well for you so far. It seems really odd putting 2015 on letters. I remember back in the days of cheques how many times I crossed the old year out and have to replace it with the new one. Now we are more reliant on bank cards, PayPal and the likes take money without asking for a date it’s not often we get a chance to write the date.

I love the internet it was a fantastic invention you can access so much from your living room. When it first burst into our lives I was rather cynical and doubting about it now it’s like an old friend! My then husband bought a computer in exchange for a real Christmas tree every year as I felt it a waste of money and would not be used…How I eat my words now! And no I never had the real tree!!! In days gone by if you wanted to find out about anything it was through library books or encyclopaedias. A memory of the children’s encyclopaedia dad bought through the Readers Digest, some of the coloured pages in there took my imagination to places I would never see. Yet they stirred a curiosity in me to find out more. Today that curiosity is quenched on the internet; starting on one subject the internet cleverly puts links in; now if you are like me I find these irresistible you never know what you will discover.  You might get a link to now that would be fantastic!

All my photo albums need to be streamlined as I have far too many photos that really should be relegated to the bin. You know the ones the ones you take a couple of shots of just in case the first photo does not work. In the end both photos are kept just in case! Not anymore time to streamline the albums. I know my photos from Barcelona (I love that city) and Rome (amazing place I loved the history and art here) there are lots of duff ones yet somehow I really feel something deep inside me that won’t let me make the album smaller. Most things I am great at thinning out; if nothing serves a purpose or enhances my surroundings I have no troubles taking the object to the charity shop. Ah it could be the memories tied up in the photos. I am being sentimental that’s really nice.





Here is an example of two pictures same location! One is more zoomed in now do you see my dilemma? I know I would never make a professional photographer as I would want to keep all the photos. Imagine that in the days of reel photos and negatives.

Time to stop my ramblings, enjoy your evening

Be safe


Temperamental phone!

Where did Christmas go? It has been a fun one this year. I had a meal out with friends on Christmas day. It really was lovely being with friends and the big plus not having to wash up or clear up. I think that is something I will be doing next year as it really is so leisurely. On a normal day I cook a normal festive spread  then for me I do something either vegetarian or pescetarian  (I eat a veggi diet or fish I have no idea what fish have done to me to make me eat them!) so eating out makes life so much easier. I stopped eating meat 8 years ago it was just a life style choice one an ethical or health decision.

Oh my phone is messing about I noticed a huge scratch on it and now its sulking. Good ol’ Google has just told me how to get the phone back to factory settings. I was going to put the sim card into my old phone sadly it’s too small for it. Seems the smart phones have dinky sims. How frustrating is this I have better things to do on a Sunday evening than fight with a sulking phone! Sadly the re set never worked I need to go back to Google to see what I can do now.

It certainly has got cooler the last few days. The marshes are all flooded again as not only is it cold but the heavens keep opening. It does look very pretty it’s amazing how quickly the wildlife colonises the new wetlands. Nature and big skies really fascinate me. I now have birds coming back into the garden after it was obliterated when I moved in. I have a couple of bird feeders up and a nursery bed for the plants from the old house this is making great places for birds to hide. It really is lovely hearing birds chirping and flitting over the garden.

I am getting bookings for the new term which is fantastic I love to watch the diary filling up. I have been to new contacts and they are impressed with my life modelling stillness as I pose like a statue. I always get asked after I have posed in a life modelling session how do I keep so still, I always say I meditate or hypnotise myself. There have been times the tutor has spoken to me and I don’t answer as I am dreaming of being at the beach or just in a quiet place. That’s what I love about the job the peace that comes with it.

Time to go back on Google and try to sort this pesky phone out; it really is challenging me today!

Nudist Modelling, Belly buttons and Christmas

One of my traits is I am usually very passive and indifferent to conversations in a classes once it has started I go into working mode. Today I was working with a group of students. For some reason they were rather chatty. There was a conversation behind me all about not being able to draw belly buttons! Of all the parts of the body this is one part I would have thought would be easy to draw!

Before I started a 15 minute pose the tutor asked if everyone could see me. Someone piped up “no”! The reason the drawing board was blocking the view of the pose! I love the classic clangers you never know what a life modelling session will hold. I love working with students they are funny, very imaginative and nit afraid to make a mess. It makes me laugh when students and adults alike are rather bashful about their pictures. Life models are not offended by the way we are portrayed it is how the artist sees you at that moment in time. I always tell the bashful artist the body is just a landscape or a still life. I watch the realisation of” Ooo! She is right!” look that sweeps over their faces.

I have just bought a Christmas tree. it’s a real one about 18” high. I saw it as I was doing my weekly shop. I was like Mother Hubbard before I went shopping. The tree came complete with bubals and led lights, red pot and a red star! I have just tried the lights they work. I look at as an investment one day it will be a good 4’ … dream on Tina! I am doing a festive life modelling session with Santa hats, tinsel, bag of gifts (one gift the rest is newspaper!) fairy wings, bubbles and the star of the show the tree!  My friend does Christmas all glitzy I was rather rude about it I wonder what the comments will be about my new addition.


I am nearly out of business cards so they are now on order. When I send letters out asking if anyone wants life models I always add a couple of cards. It makes good business sense to send life modelling cards as the information is always there and it looks professional too. I also ordered a car magnet with my business name contact details and saying I am a life model. I am doing all I can to get “paintedladymodelling” back to being successful once again my accident really hurt the business I now I need to rebuild my brand.  I am Fortunate my regular contacts have welcomed which I am very thankful for.

Time to go! there is lots to do rooms to tidy, washing to sort …. This is the non- glamorous part of life modelling!

Take care



Another day in the world of life modelling

Another day in the world of life modelling it has been a fun day there is lots of young talent out in the schools and colleges.
I have just been in a new class of non- life drawers. There were a few students who really did not want to do a life class however they really embraced the challenge and produced some stunning photos.
I love watching the new artists flourish and to know I helped them on their journey! There was lots of respect for me the life model as soon as I started a pose the room fell silent only when I was resting did they talk. As I am new back after the accident I am so careful how I position my body as there are still lots of hurts. The tutors are fantastic and allow me to work gently and I put no strain on my body. It’s great to be back all be it part time till the New Year.

I am loving the autumn colours they come to life with the low sun and moody skies. Sadly today was not a good day for watching the beautiful colours as it’s been that horrible wet drizzle (how come its wetter than rain drops and gets everywhere?) and this not showing the colours at their best.

My bed is now dry after the water accident with the fan light above it. I like air in my rooms when the rains come I close them up. The fan light was pooling with water so I decided to close it. Thinking I must pull the right string…. Thinking that; I pulled the wrong cord. Oh the water was like a waterfall there was so much of it. A lesson learnt there; note the cord to be pulled before pulling it! I must admit to standing there stunned as this was not what should have happened!
Time to go, till next time

Back to Life modelling

After a long absence I have just completed 2 life modelling jobs. The first one I felt like the new girl, I was stiff and wooden. I never felt at ease it was as if I was trying to prove to myself I am still a good life model. No pressure there then! Towards the end of the session I relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed being back modelling. I found myself mentioning the wrist decoration I am wearing it’s an activity monitor for research. I am wearing it for 8 days 24/7. It’s about 2” long and 1” wide and black. When life modelling I use delicate bracelets and necklaces so this is very noticeable. The research is to do with the Generations / Breakthrough breast cancer study. So far there are a million women on it. If it helps find a cause and cure for this dreadful disease I am happy to be a living experiment.
My next life modelling job was cancelled due to the tutor being ill.
So my next job was last Saturday in a sweet village in North Norfolk. It’s a village that time forgot there is a stream that passes through the village with ducks swimming in it. The houses are quaint mainly set around the neatly kept village green. I love this life class it’s so friendly and some talented artists. When I life model I am in awe of the talent and how little time it takes to create a work of art. I love doing the quick poses as they give me freedom to do whacky dynamic poses. More often than not the quick poses produce the most accurate pictures. It really is great doing life modelling again.
Who was a greedy girl at the week end? I was at 2 firework displays both were very good. The weather held off for the events. The last display I went to I was at friends after the display enjoying a Bar B Q when the heavens opened! We all scrambled to get the food inside.
I have re discovered the joys of swimming again; it’s such a gentle exercise. I love it when I do snorkelling it gives so much more range of exercise. The flippers certainly cut through the water I have learnt how to break with them! Even go backwards its great playing pushing things to the limit.
This winter will see me planning my new garden at present it’s a blank canvas well nearly I have a 40’ silver birch that needs felling and the stump grinding. That’s a job for after Christmas as I have too much going on. I have 2 quizzes one before the other just after Christmas something to keep the grey matter working.
A group of us were on a treasure hunt around the city it took our team 2 hours to complete. It was a real hoot we all learnt something about the City from famous hat makers to the first lady to write a book in English. One of our team bought some refreshments big slices of assorted chocolate cakes they were epic. The guy who made them was a runner up in the Master Chef competition a few years back. He now has a macaroon shop I the City. Its not just macaroons he makes he has a tempting range of indulgent cakes.
I need a drink so I am off

Burnt Food….Again!

And, another glorious week end draws to a close. It’s been a lovely gentle few days my family came for lunch yesterday. It was great seeing them. I made a lemon meringue pie something I have a great reputation for making. I have a friend who will go anywhere for a slice of my pie. Sadly on this occasion I had a hic-cough with the meringue. Now what shall I blame; New oven; too hot an oven or just one of those things? After a short time in the oven I could smell was burning sugar and some cloudy smoke coming out of the oven. When I looked at the pie the top of the meringue was black. There was no way I was going to serve that! I took it out of the oven, let it cool scraped the blackened goo off the top of the lemon filling. Whisked up a new batch of meringue popped it in the oven. I left it in overnight so the meringue would be crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Thankfully the second topping turned out a treat.

My son and son in law always laugh about my culinary skill. They are always surprised when things turn out good! I am a little like the lady from Vicar of Dibly who creates dishes and adds something that really does not go with the rest of the dish. Its called experimenting!

I won’t say how much mess I made serving the first piece. It went everywhere. Not being a seasoned cook it’s amazing the results I get are good.

What would I do rather than cook? Play in the garden, decorate, read, phone a friend, read a book or just have me time listening to music.

I was going out to an acoustic night last night with a friend. As I drove to my friend’s house (the furthest I have done since the accident) I was a little jaded so was my friend they had had a busy day so we opted to watch a movie instead.

Today I drove around my new area there are lots of pretty villages around. The sun was shining a perfect day for sightseeing. This afternoon saw me in the garden tidying bits and pieces. As the garden has been un-loved for years bind weed and ground elder have a hold so I am using a trowel to dig the ground removing all traces of both. I am sure it will take all winter to dig it over!

As November approaches my contacts are beginning to hire me. I have sent e mails, voice mails and spoke to everybody I know who runs a life class. It’s really good people are hiring me again. It’s been a long 4 months healing. It will be really fantastic in November to be life modelling and portrait modelling again. I need to update my website as I have not really done anything with it whilst I have been off. My portfolio needs updating I need to catch up with my photographer friends to see if we can do a shoot. There are ideas bouncing around my head if they are possible I really don’t know.

A busy week is ahead of me lots of chasing things up and tying loose ends up. I really hope this warm sunny weather continues …

Have a good week

No not again!

How did a beautiful warm sunny week end turn into a soggy wet chilly Monday? Is this how the Monday morning blues get its name?

I spent the day with a friend we braved the rain and had lunch out. Oh how we put the world to rights. It was good to get out of the house if I were on my own I would have been re organising the wardrobe. What is it about grotty weather that brings out the nesting instinct?

As I am re starting life modelling this November I have started to apply for jobs in the life and portrait sector. One has just replied not the answer I was looking for. Half the session was spent drawing him the other he me. Now, I do dabble in flower portraits and landscapes; I have never drawn from a life model before is this the time to learn? Most of my pictures in the last few months have been children’s pictures that would look out of place in anybody’s album.

My next job is to contact all my contacts to tell them of my return to life modelling and portrait modelling.

I have the urge to start looking at summer holiday brochures. Thoughts of warm sun, golden beaches and long languishing meals in the setting sun really appeal. Greece keeps popping into my head. I love the Greek way of life and the people. My dream last night was one of moving to France as with all dreams it was all very confusing; it certainly lost the plot along the way!

A new image needs creating for life classes there are a few classes here that love accessories to add another dimension to the human form. To me it’s like acting and being someone else pure escapism.

My tummy is rumbling the kitchen is calling me!

Happy days