Advice on becoming a Nudist or Life Model

Model etiquette and questions
By Tina. Tina has been a Life Model for over 7 years

See Tina’s page here on Nudist

Do I have to have a perfect body?
Artists love bodies of all shapes and sizes. We are all individual that’s what makes it interesting.

How do I find jobs?
Go to local colleges, art schools and universities that do life classes. Look out for adverts for life classes and contact the tutor.

Will I need a CRB?
Yes you will. The establishment who will be employing you will give you the paperwork and pay for the check. You will get a certificate saying you are checked.

I have my first booking what do I do?
Importantly you have to be comfortable being naked with strangers and with them looking at you in detail Tutors respect you and are never personal about the part they are talking about.  (It’s fun whilst posing to hear a tutor say that little “bump” there…. As you never know what is being talked about!). All body part are called by their names and not slang.
Remember to take a robe so you can cover up before you start modelling and for the comfort breaks and a pair of flip flops to keep your feet clean.
Most models have favourite stock poses varying in length from 5 – 20 minutes. Most classes have short warm up poses before a long one varying in length from half hour to an hour.  The tutor will guide you on poses that they want.

Do I have to be still and quiet?
This is vitally important as a model that fidgets and talks throughout is not professional. Talking can upset your concentration for holding the pose and distract the artists. You are being employed to be still for the duration of the pose.

What advice on poses can you give me?
Always do one you are happy with and is comfortable to hold. Never over stretch yourself as this will be uncomfortable and will show when you do the pose. Think where you put your elbows.. if sitting and you head is in your hands elbows resting on your thighs they dig in and be really uncomfortable. Practice pressure points with poses when watching TV!
If you over stretch your muscles will go into spasm and you start shaking, just a little then uncontrollably (I call this Model Shake). Make the tutor aware and the pose will be broken. Never stop a pose without telling the tutor.  Tutors understand this and do not want the model to be uncomfortable
Make your poses as dynamic as you can without overstretching. You will always be told how long a pose is for.

Is modelling uncomfortable?
It can be but you get to know with experience how to avoid discomfort. If you want more padding to sit on say so. The studio can sometimes be chilly however most studios have little directional heaters.

What do I do whilst modelling
Ask any professional life model what they do whilst modelling you get a variety of answers ranging from, prioritising jobs on the to do list, shopping lists, meditate, self- healing, time to just be still and quiet, take themselves to a tropical island and enjoy themselves  ….. Only you will know when you are modelling.

Can I look at the art work? 
The artists love you looking at their pictures. It is also a way for the artists to get to know you so they can add your personality to their picture. If you are lucky you might be given a picture.

A foot note!
Tutors run on a different time to us and their last few minutes can be just that or a good extra 5! Something to always bear in mind

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