Accidents do happen!

Here we are again! What an interesting few days it has been.

It was a beautifully warm sunny day I decided to cycle to my portrait class. I was asked to wear something summery. I decided on a flowery top, shorts and flip flops. Oh! And a sun hat! It was a beautiful cycle along the disused railway track. Lots of wildlife and summer flowers in bloom. The river twinkled in the sun light gently flowing through the city. It was like returning to old friends at the class as I had not done portrait here for a while. It’s always good catching up with people you don’t see very often. There is always a good story to be told. I was given a choice in the way I sat so I decided to look out onto the river. That was a good choice as I could watch the holiday boats and canoes float past on their way to Norwich. It’s a great city to visit as there is so much to see and do here. The buildings range from medieval to the present day. I love Elm Hill it’s full of higgledy Piggledy houses all jostling for space along the narrow cobbled street. The main city is so vibrant the next big event is the Lord Mayors procession a great family week of entertainment. The Saturday is the big day with the procession through the city, lots of street entertainment rounded off with a fantastic firework display from the castle. Again I digress the portraits were amazing they captured the summer feeling. It’s a very talented class they all have a different take on how they want the portrait to be.

The evening was spent at lovely Cromer a gentle stroll along the cliff tops the back along the promenade with a diversion along the pier. (I am so pleased how quickly the pier has been repaired after the battering it had 6 months ago. I know there is still plenty to do yet it’s looking like its ready to receive the holiday makers and day trippers). I could not resist a gentle pootle on the firm warm sand. I tried a paddle in the sea I have to say for me it’s a bit early in the season! Whilst walking on the sand there was a beautiful photo opportunity from the now low warm sun dancing on the gentle waves, a break water that was dressed in brown dangling sea-weed and had a few slats missing. Through the gaps shards of light were punching through the gaps causing rays of light to form on the sands.

My Wednesday started with me doing the exciting job of paperwork! Oh yawn I do find it rather tiresome as its left till I have papers all over the table. I know if I did not procrastinate so much it would be done when it arrives. A few phone call later (I had some of those to do too they take longer than expected as I talk too much!), a swift snack pack my bags and I was ready to go to work for the afternoon. I was going to a life class with college students. It was a hot sunny perfect warm day so the drive was going to be really nice. I was heading for the coast.

My journey came to an abrupt halt when a car pulled out of a side road crashing into my passenger’s rear wheel. Oh! The noise, the fear, the panic I sat in the car stunned not quite knowing what to do. I gathered my senses pulled the car into the side of the road and waited to compose myself. I called my friend who I knew would be good in this situation, one who is calm and collected no matter what happens. I was guided to call the police and let work know I would not be going. As no one was hurt the police did not attend we exchanged details and carried on with our days. I could not believe the speed the other driver drove off at as the front of the car had been damaged. Caution was on my side as I took my now poorly car back home. The afternoon / evening and evening passed in a blur of calls to insurance companies, hire cars firms, solicitors and hospital. As by now my back arm and neck were sore and getting stiffer. I was really so pleased when my head hit the pillow as all I wanted to do was sleep. It was a fitful night at 3 am I was watching a programme about a guy who has bought a rain forest! It was really interesting it certainly opened my eyes to the human side of illegal de forestation.

Today I have cancelled all life classes I was going to as my body is in melt down! There is no way I could stand with my arms in dynamic poses or bending as the internal bruising has started to let me know it’s there! I feel like my body has aged 20 years..yikes!

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