ABBA Tribute

What a great night Saturday. After months of waiting I finally got to go to an ABBA tribute night at a local hotel.

I bought an outfit and a long blonde wig (I wish my hair was that long!) really looking the part. I turned up at the venue to discover only 4 of us had dressed in clothes of the 70s! The Grease tribute act I saw a few years ago everyone was in 50s outfits. Somehow it adds to the fun of the evening. Or is it bringing the exhibitionist side out in me? I met my friends who thought it was a giggle not many people had dressed up! What happened next was a fiasco. The meal was (looking back on it) a comedy of errors. So much went wrong, so much really did not work with the serving of the food. I must say the chocolate torte was amazing. Best part of the meal. The lights dimmed and “ABBA” was on stage. Talk about high energy and fun. They were an amazing group had everyone up and dancing. Over in a quiet corner an elderly couple (he had a Zimmer frame, she had a stick) were smiling and dancing to ABBA it was really heart-warming to see. I bopped all night. I came home and fell into bed at 1 to be awake and up at 6. I was doing cards as its Father’s Day next Sunday. I like to be in and out before the Sunday shoppers come in to the shop.

I spent most of the day in Wroxham enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends. We were in the Kings Head, Hoveton a lovely hotel and eating place. I love its location as it has a huge river frontage, lots of seating and parasols are plenty. It’s great eating watching the boats float up and down the river. Wroxham Bridge is a source of entertainment as it’s a low medieval bridge and boats really have to negotiate the right path to take to get through unscathed. There is a Pilot who will take hire craft through it. You always get one clever clogs that really has no respect for the boat, other river users and really shoots the bridge. Fortunately today he was nowhere to be seen! The bridge has claimed many lives the last one I heard of someone was crushed going through the bridge. They chose to stay on the top of the boat. It makes me cringe at the thought of that accident.

Whilst walking about we stumbled upon a guy who has developed a canoe that is pedalled. It is powered by 2 people pedalling one faces forwards and steers the other person faces backwards. We were told the Broads Authority are involved in the project as they are looking for eco transport on the Broads network. The cycling canoe was filming its journey down stream for live streaming on the web. I have no idea what happens to the streaming when it’s not live!

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