Life modelling and dodgy men

For some reason I have lost my voice! When I do talk it sounds like I have 2 voices in one. So today has been a quiet day. Some folk might say hoorah!

I was out in the garden trying out my new inks. Oh it was a fun time experimenting with colours and trying the pen to see what effect I can get from it.  As I was having fun there a few blobs of ink dropped  onto the paper ; it had escaped from the nib. Being creative and in the zone the blobs turned into very random doodles with lots of flowing lines. I need a new nib for the pen as it kept falling out of its holder. Yes very frustrating and incredibly messy on the now ink stained fingers.  . No matter how hard I scrub the ink does not budge.

 It’s great watching the parachutes from my garden. The parachute school were not flying today as it was so windy. Yesterday there were lots of descents made. It always feels like a ringside seat watching the parachutes fall back to earth.

Last night I decided to sort through my clothes as my size is shrinking. When artists hear I am shedding weight they say that’s a shame as I am a nice shape to draw. What they don’t see is my body toning up (all by its self) and giving a much more pleasing shape. There is no way I will end up looking like Twiggy as that look really makes me look ill. I want to shift the weight so I feel nicer in myself when life modelling.

What is it when I get asked by text if I do photo shoots; I say yes however I need to meet before the shoot takes place. It is a very wise and safe precaution. Just lately I have had a few odd text conversations. The last one decided he wanted to use me in a photo shoot with a younger model. Something hit my radar and I knew this was not what it seemed. I was right when personal questions started being asked. My response was if you are genuinely looking for a life model body shape and friend so let’s forget about professional ethics and stay with personal chat!” Needless to say I never responded as it was his fantasy of chatting me up and we stroll off into the sunset. Not with me!

It seems to go with life modelling territory insecure men want to build a” relationship” even though you will never meet. Over 10 years of being a professional life model I can sort the non- genuine contacts out. The genuine ones are very professional and treat me as one.  I am a professional life model who by the very nature of the job wears no clothes so artists can draw me. I think it is the liberated part of the job they latch on to sadly that really is a very small part of life modelling. Does that sound harsh?  

Till next time, be safe