New mobile for a nudist model

What strange weather we are having today I was life modelling at a venue on the coast where they had thick frost and snow. Cars passed me that were like snow mobiles! Yet here a good 5 miles away all we had was frost and no snow. When we arrived at the venue some of the artists commented on how chilly the room was and put a few heaters on. I was hot yet the artists half way through the life class were still saying about the cold. The studio overlooks a busy roundabout as it is on the second floor  watching the traffic whilst nudist modelling is interesting.

It is great getting back into life modelling bookings are coming in, I am so pleased after the long break. I have bookings for next year already that one I have been asked to do Romanesque.  Over the next few months I have a few different themed sessions.  I love looking for the clothing and accessories for particular life drawing and portrait.

At this present time I am up dating    as it was getting stuck. All my picture galleries have been split into; gallery that holds life modelling pictures (I still have some I need to transfer to another gallery); student gallery that holds the pictures the students do. One group of students has an exhibition of life modelling  in a gallery. Sadly it was closed today when I went! It does feel odd looking through the window and seeing pictures of me; a portrait gallery this has a good mix of portrait pictures I have some on my computer that need adding. This will help me keep pictures up to date in the various galleries.  I also do different blogs paintedladymodelling .

I have just put some hand cream on it is times like this I wish I had taken more notice of what the lines mean. A few years ago I went to a palmistry course with Johnny Fincham a world renound  palm reader. Palmistry really is a fascinating subject; there are a few things I can remember from the classes. Learning from a book really is no substitute for learning from someone. Being a visual person this is the best way I learn the

Again my home has elves that move things about without my knowledge the things that have grown legs this week are reading glasses; prescription and my visa statement.  Today was a day I had a treat  I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Poundland!  They are not as good as the ones from the optician yet they will do until I find the glasses. I am blaming the accident for this run of dippyness.

Life modelling at 2 classes tomorrow one is in Norwich the other in North Suffolk. They are both nudist modelling which is great. The evening class we are re- creating Botticelli’s picture of the Birth of Venus. Instead of sharp shells we are using giant fans. Over the coming weeks I have been asked to do themed costume and life modelling al the projects sound like lots of fun.

Yipeeee! A new mobile for Model Tina…the old mobile died on me it just froze. Not being very techno everything was tried to get the silly thing to work sadly none of it worked. Last resort was to do a factory re set. Must say It was not the cleverest thing I have done this year! All my texts and contact numbers vanished into cyber space. I was lent a mobile and it is so frustrating to use it has a mind of its own. So on Wednesday I pick up a cadburys purple mobile that was ordered in for me.

The kitchen smells homely I have just baked a cake. It has been ages since a cake was cooked here. It’s a lemon and almond cake. The lemon is lovely and tangy.  In a social group I belong to I have a reputation for making epic lemon meringue pie. One friend devours a slice in no time and always comes back for seconds! 

I have started painting the bathroom as an all white home is not to my taste. All the gloss is done I now need a friend to pop over and do the ceiling and walls. The paint that is being used is hard to find. There is a small amount of the colour in the garage I need to buy more so we can get the job done quickly. It is amazing how it upsets the rest of the house decorating any room.

I am off to sort e mails out. Till next time

Be safe