Another day in the world of life modelling

Another day in the world of life modelling it has been a fun day there is lots of young talent out in the schools and colleges.
I have just been in a new class of non- life drawers. There were a few students who really did not want to do a life class however they really embraced the challenge and produced some stunning photos.
I love watching the new artists flourish and to know I helped them on their journey! There was lots of respect for me the life model as soon as I started a pose the room fell silent only when I was resting did they talk. As I am new back after the accident I am so careful how I position my body as there are still lots of hurts. The tutors are fantastic and allow me to work gently and I put no strain on my body. It’s great to be back all be it part time till the New Year.

I am loving the autumn colours they come to life with the low sun and moody skies. Sadly today was not a good day for watching the beautiful colours as it’s been that horrible wet drizzle (how come its wetter than rain drops and gets everywhere?) and this not showing the colours at their best.

My bed is now dry after the water accident with the fan light above it. I like air in my rooms when the rains come I close them up. The fan light was pooling with water so I decided to close it. Thinking I must pull the right string…. Thinking that; I pulled the wrong cord. Oh the water was like a waterfall there was so much of it. A lesson learnt there; note the cord to be pulled before pulling it! I must admit to standing there stunned as this was not what should have happened!
Time to go, till next time

Back to Life modelling

After a long absence I have just completed 2 life modelling jobs. The first one I felt like the new girl, I was stiff and wooden. I never felt at ease it was as if I was trying to prove to myself I am still a good life model. No pressure there then! Towards the end of the session I relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed being back modelling. I found myself mentioning the wrist decoration I am wearing it’s an activity monitor for research. I am wearing it for 8 days 24/7. It’s about 2” long and 1” wide and black. When life modelling I use delicate bracelets and necklaces so this is very noticeable. The research is to do with the Generations / Breakthrough breast cancer study. So far there are a million women on it. If it helps find a cause and cure for this dreadful disease I am happy to be a living experiment.
My next life modelling job was cancelled due to the tutor being ill.
So my next job was last Saturday in a sweet village in North Norfolk. It’s a village that time forgot there is a stream that passes through the village with ducks swimming in it. The houses are quaint mainly set around the neatly kept village green. I love this life class it’s so friendly and some talented artists. When I life model I am in awe of the talent and how little time it takes to create a work of art. I love doing the quick poses as they give me freedom to do whacky dynamic poses. More often than not the quick poses produce the most accurate pictures. It really is great doing life modelling again.
Who was a greedy girl at the week end? I was at 2 firework displays both were very good. The weather held off for the events. The last display I went to I was at friends after the display enjoying a Bar B Q when the heavens opened! We all scrambled to get the food inside.
I have re discovered the joys of swimming again; it’s such a gentle exercise. I love it when I do snorkelling it gives so much more range of exercise. The flippers certainly cut through the water I have learnt how to break with them! Even go backwards its great playing pushing things to the limit.
This winter will see me planning my new garden at present it’s a blank canvas well nearly I have a 40’ silver birch that needs felling and the stump grinding. That’s a job for after Christmas as I have too much going on. I have 2 quizzes one before the other just after Christmas something to keep the grey matter working.
A group of us were on a treasure hunt around the city it took our team 2 hours to complete. It was a real hoot we all learnt something about the City from famous hat makers to the first lady to write a book in English. One of our team bought some refreshments big slices of assorted chocolate cakes they were epic. The guy who made them was a runner up in the Master Chef competition a few years back. He now has a macaroon shop I the City. Its not just macaroons he makes he has a tempting range of indulgent cakes.
I need a drink so I am off