Accidents do happen!

Here we are again! What an interesting few days it has been.

It was a beautifully warm sunny day I decided to cycle to my portrait class. I was asked to wear something summery. I decided on a flowery top, shorts and flip flops. Oh! And a sun hat! It was a beautiful cycle along the disused railway track. Lots of wildlife and summer flowers in bloom. The river twinkled in the sun light gently flowing through the city. It was like returning to old friends at the class as I had not done portrait here for a while. It’s always good catching up with people you don’t see very often. There is always a good story to be told. I was given a choice in the way I sat so I decided to look out onto the river. That was a good choice as I could watch the holiday boats and canoes float past on their way to Norwich. It’s a great city to visit as there is so much to see and do here. The buildings range from medieval to the present day. I love Elm Hill it’s full of higgledy Piggledy houses all jostling for space along the narrow cobbled street. The main city is so vibrant the next big event is the Lord Mayors procession a great family week of entertainment. The Saturday is the big day with the procession through the city, lots of street entertainment rounded off with a fantastic firework display from the castle. Again I digress the portraits were amazing they captured the summer feeling. It’s a very talented class they all have a different take on how they want the portrait to be.

The evening was spent at lovely Cromer a gentle stroll along the cliff tops the back along the promenade with a diversion along the pier. (I am so pleased how quickly the pier has been repaired after the battering it had 6 months ago. I know there is still plenty to do yet it’s looking like its ready to receive the holiday makers and day trippers). I could not resist a gentle pootle on the firm warm sand. I tried a paddle in the sea I have to say for me it’s a bit early in the season! Whilst walking on the sand there was a beautiful photo opportunity from the now low warm sun dancing on the gentle waves, a break water that was dressed in brown dangling sea-weed and had a few slats missing. Through the gaps shards of light were punching through the gaps causing rays of light to form on the sands.

My Wednesday started with me doing the exciting job of paperwork! Oh yawn I do find it rather tiresome as its left till I have papers all over the table. I know if I did not procrastinate so much it would be done when it arrives. A few phone call later (I had some of those to do too they take longer than expected as I talk too much!), a swift snack pack my bags and I was ready to go to work for the afternoon. I was going to a life class with college students. It was a hot sunny perfect warm day so the drive was going to be really nice. I was heading for the coast.

My journey came to an abrupt halt when a car pulled out of a side road crashing into my passenger’s rear wheel. Oh! The noise, the fear, the panic I sat in the car stunned not quite knowing what to do. I gathered my senses pulled the car into the side of the road and waited to compose myself. I called my friend who I knew would be good in this situation, one who is calm and collected no matter what happens. I was guided to call the police and let work know I would not be going. As no one was hurt the police did not attend we exchanged details and carried on with our days. I could not believe the speed the other driver drove off at as the front of the car had been damaged. Caution was on my side as I took my now poorly car back home. The afternoon / evening and evening passed in a blur of calls to insurance companies, hire cars firms, solicitors and hospital. As by now my back arm and neck were sore and getting stiffer. I was really so pleased when my head hit the pillow as all I wanted to do was sleep. It was a fitful night at 3 am I was watching a programme about a guy who has bought a rain forest! It was really interesting it certainly opened my eyes to the human side of illegal de forestation.

Today I have cancelled all life classes I was going to as my body is in melt down! There is no way I could stand with my arms in dynamic poses or bending as the internal bruising has started to let me know it’s there! I feel like my body has aged 20 years..yikes!

ABBA Tribute

What a great night Saturday. After months of waiting I finally got to go to an ABBA tribute night at a local hotel.

I bought an outfit and a long blonde wig (I wish my hair was that long!) really looking the part. I turned up at the venue to discover only 4 of us had dressed in clothes of the 70s! The Grease tribute act I saw a few years ago everyone was in 50s outfits. Somehow it adds to the fun of the evening. Or is it bringing the exhibitionist side out in me? I met my friends who thought it was a giggle not many people had dressed up! What happened next was a fiasco. The meal was (looking back on it) a comedy of errors. So much went wrong, so much really did not work with the serving of the food. I must say the chocolate torte was amazing. Best part of the meal. The lights dimmed and “ABBA” was on stage. Talk about high energy and fun. They were an amazing group had everyone up and dancing. Over in a quiet corner an elderly couple (he had a Zimmer frame, she had a stick) were smiling and dancing to ABBA it was really heart-warming to see. I bopped all night. I came home and fell into bed at 1 to be awake and up at 6. I was doing cards as its Father’s Day next Sunday. I like to be in and out before the Sunday shoppers come in to the shop.

I spent most of the day in Wroxham enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends. We were in the Kings Head, Hoveton a lovely hotel and eating place. I love its location as it has a huge river frontage, lots of seating and parasols are plenty. It’s great eating watching the boats float up and down the river. Wroxham Bridge is a source of entertainment as it’s a low medieval bridge and boats really have to negotiate the right path to take to get through unscathed. There is a Pilot who will take hire craft through it. You always get one clever clogs that really has no respect for the boat, other river users and really shoots the bridge. Fortunately today he was nowhere to be seen! The bridge has claimed many lives the last one I heard of someone was crushed going through the bridge. They chose to stay on the top of the boat. It makes me cringe at the thought of that accident.

Whilst walking about we stumbled upon a guy who has developed a canoe that is pedalled. It is powered by 2 people pedalling one faces forwards and steers the other person faces backwards. We were told the Broads Authority are involved in the project as they are looking for eco transport on the Broads network. The cycling canoe was filming its journey down stream for live streaming on the web. I have no idea what happens to the streaming when it’s not live!


Oh no I thought I had done it again! I turned up for a life modelling class and there was not a soul in the room. I must admit my heart sank at the thought of turning up on a wrong day. After a lovely drive through the Suffolk countryside the fields and hedgerows are looking absobloutly stunning. It’s a really lovely time of year. The sky was amazing the clouds were back lit from the late afternoon sun. The sun rays were peeking out from behind the clouds. It was an amazing sky after the day’s yucky weather. Cloud watching is fun I like spotting shapes in them. I digress. Whilst in the room I looked at the latest exhibition of pictures. Then called the tutor who told me the class was downstairs in the theatre. A wave of relief ran through me. The theatre is a lovely space the lighting was really good. The class were busy setting up even though I was in the wrong place I was still on time! Light and dark was the theme of the session. I started with 3 x 1 minute, 2 x 2 minute and a 1×4 minute pose. I love doing the quick dynamic poses as they are fun to do and allows a bit of model freestyle! I tend to let my poses flow into one another like a dance sequence. The evening was closed with a pose of an hour and a quarter it was a classical laying one. All was well till near the end when an errant fly decided to pester me. It crawled over my body it was so tickly I willed it to fly away. It did then promptly returned. I ignored the tickling and pretended it was not there. The fly reminded me of classes I have done with the bothersome flies. One was at a school that had flies every year no matter what was done to irradiate them. They were everywhere dead, dying and very much alive! Last time I was there the problem was not bad maybe because it was cold! The other was an adult class. Again I was doing a laying pose when flies just appeared and bothered me and the artists. It was so bad the tutor became part of the pose as she was swatting the flies off me. It was a very surreal life class.

It was haircut day yesterday. It had just got past the “my hair is looking good” stage to “Yikes something needs doing about this!” Full head of highlights here I come! I walked into the city and was caught in a huge downpour of rain. It was not a problem as I had my brolly and a smile. Looking in charity shops I found a lovely scarf that’s perfect for portrait modelling. Shopping finished time to go to MG hair and beauty for a transformation! Charlie was finishing his client then it was my turn. Charlie has been doing my hair for 8 years so we know each other pretty well. He is never surprised by what the previous 6 weeks have held for me as for some reason I attract fun different things to happen. Well I say not surprised yesterday I topped the list of surprises with producing my camera and taking selfies of the transformation. We certainly had some fun doing them. I am sure the other customers must wonder what’s going on! The finished result is lovely I looked in the mirror today there was a young lady looking back at me! No more grey hairs. Charlie said he would make me look 10 years younger!

What a great way to start the day I popped over to see my friend who was in the hot tub. It would have been rude not to join them in it. Sitting quietly letting the jets pummel the aching body bliss. Whilst sitting there a woodpecker flew to a nearby tree and pecked its way to the top. Can the day start any better?

Need to go I have a life modelling class at a local school later. I am not sure if I need a swimming costume due to the student’s ages. It will be in my bag just in case.

Too early!

Who had a moment today?

As you know, its bad form to turn up to a class late. Today I did the reverse and turned up for a class 3 weeks too early! I took the booking at the week end over a really bad mobile signal. The poor tutor felt bad as I had turned up. It’s not her fault its mine for being so keen! I now have the correct dates in my diary.

It gave me a chance to catch up on jobs inside and out as it’s a fantastic day.

I am doing a life modelling class this week. It’s a fun group that is really friendly. At the end of the term the group go out for a meal with a twist. The first one I went to was a 1920s meal. It was held in a restaurant that had a 1920s theme. The waitresses were dressed in the waitress uniform of the time. After the meal we were treated to a black and white silent film with piano accompaniment. It certainly bought the film to life. The last one was a Mad Hatters tea party that was real fun. We all wore hats that had been modified by the wearer!

First of June

What a wonderful day it has been, the 1st of June and summer is once again with us.

This warm evening would have been welcome on Friday evening. Admittedly it was dry yet once the sun had set the temperature plummeted like a stone. Friday night was petenque night! It was a real hoot. 36 of us descended on the local petenque club for a taster session. Once assembled, we were given a demonstration by junior champions and they were seriously good. They plated 2 ends to give us an idea of what we were aspiring to! I have played before and it was nice to get the real rules not the corrupted ones I had played by! We were put into teams there were 6 of us playing the game this divided down to 3 in a team! I was in a fun team we had fighting spirit yet were beaten by the other team narrowly by 2 points! We were robbed! After the game there was a bar b Q to warm us up.It was a great chance to catch up with people I had not seen for ages.
I do love petenque it is so beautifully simple yet it has a competitive spin to it. If the boule hits a tuft of grass or pebble when it lands it veers of to somewhere you really wish it had not gone! Its great watching faces when this happens.
The evening finished in a friend’s hot tub immersed in soothing warming bubbles watching the night sky. It was a perfect end to a great evening.

Saturday I had a cycle ride along the Marriott’s Way one of Norfolk’s hidden gems. It’s a disused railway line that passes through some stunning landscapes and rivers. It was great going down the hills not a care in the world. The destination was Reepham Station again a disused station that is now a coffee shop and deli . The hot chocolate is really good and the food is all home- made (you can watch the food being crafted). There is something nice knowing you have just expended lots of energy and this is the reward! Ah those hills on the way back were not so carefree it was a long steady climb. Amazingly I made it without walking. Considering I had not cycled for 2 years it was a smooth ride I was impressed. Today none of my body is crying in pain through over use… I must be fitter than I thought!
There was a charity dog walk in aid of Meningitis taking place when I was cycling along the route. There were about a dozen ladies enjoying the sunshine and a good natter! Well done! Ladies.

Today I was a baking day something I really don’t do often. The only reason was I have too many eggs and needed to use them up. I made some chocolate biscuits that are really not pleasant. It’s a new recipe and really won’t be using it again. Then at just gone 11 I was on my way to Chelmsford to do life modelling. It’s a new contact who is infectiously enthusiastic and is very generous with his hints and tips. I did a semi reclining pose for the first 2 sections. In the second half I took my position very close to how the first half had been. (I have been told whilst life modelling I have a very good memory of a pose. The two things I get in a pickle with are hands was it right over left or the other way round or were they interlinked! And legs if they are crossed particularly if it’s a laying pose! It’s all very odd). As the pose continued I could feel the padding slump and it pulling me backwards very, very gently. I was asked if I wanted to continue in the 3rd half and said I could but would prefer a new pose. So a new pose was struck. I decided to sit in the pile of foam (yes! another classic mistake I made. I have learnt if on just foam a sheet of wood needs to be put under the top foam to stop all foam sagging). It was an interesting pose all very relaxed arm out at the side so the artists at the back had more than a back to draw. All was going well until about 20 minutes in when I noticed the pose had moved and my right hip was so much lower than my right hip. I held it till the last 10 minutes when I really needed to re pose the pose. I asked the tutor if I could move he was ok with it. If ever I need to move I always ask the tutor in advance. When I had finished the life modelling session I took a good look at the cushions to discover one of the pads was not fitting flush with anything so there was a gap which allowed me to slump! So even after 8 years I am still making little mistakes. On a firmer base for both poses I would have not moved. I know this as they are 2 poses that are in my standard repertoire.
Tomorrow I am doing a one off portrait I am debating whether to put my rollers and scarf on (like the pictures in my paintedladymodelling gallery) or go as me. I will sleep on it see how the mood takes me. It will be the weather that will be the deciding factor if its soggy it will be rollers, if sunny just me! As I need to put a cycle hat on as I will be cycling.